Remnant Tribe






As it is written in the book of the words of Isaiah the prophet,
“The voice of one crying in the wilderness:
Prepare the way of the Lord, make His paths straight.
Every valley shall be filled, and every mountain and hill shall be made low,

And the crooked shall become straight, and the rough places shall become level ways, and all flesh shall see the salvation of God.” Luke 3:4-8 ESV

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God has hidden for himself a people called by His Name, a Remnant Tribe that He has prepared through much affliction, trial, and adversity in the wilderness of obscurity for such a time as this. A new breed for these end times unashamed of the Gospel and walk in the Spirit of Truth, and in the humility of Christ. They are the Lovers of God!


The Spirit of Almighty God will lead them to impact this generation and lead many to His Throne Room Of Mercy. He is going to use this remnant in a dimension that even they had not fully considered—for His Anointing shall be upon them mightily, even beyond their greatest imagination!


They will come from many nations, races, and tongues and from every fabric of society; and are both young and old, rich and poor, educated and un-educated, churched and un-churched. They will emerge speaking the same message of God’s love and mercy with great wisdom, power, and authority as given to them from the Father, the Creator of heaven and earth, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Some are about to be sent and more are still being prepared by the hands of our Lord to minister TRUTH to this end time generation. They will be ridiculed, scoffed at, and persecuted by them that are religious and hold on to the traditions of men…rejecting Christ as He truly is.


Nevertheless, these anointed men and women will fulfill their calling by following the Spirit of the Living God going where He tells them to go, speaking only what He tells them to speak, and doing as He says to do. They will walk in the likeness of the mantles adorned by the prophet Elijah and John the Baptist, THE VOICE OF ONE CRYING IN THE WILDERNESS, “Preparing the way of the Lord and making His paths straight!” They will testify and call men unto repentance and make plain THE WAY unto them that receive the TRUTH and receive the Lord Jesus as their Savior.


We are living in perilous times indeed. However, the world does not realize the dynamics of what is yet to come, for what we’ve seen is only the tip of the iceberg. In the days ahead the world will become a much darker place and evil shall prevail, but the LIGHT of JESUS will increase to permeate the dense darkness. For there is only ONE that can satisfy the hunger and thirst of mankind, the Peace and Love of our Lord Jesus Christ! The peace that surpasses all understanding! The Peace of Christ that anchors our hearts despite the real chaos, turmoil, and evil that will overtake the earth.


For we were not created to satisfy our pleasures, but instead created to be the pleasure of God and for God. He is the Lover of our Soul. The world has been deceived by the “prince of the power of the air”— the prince of this world order, satan himself! They do not understand there is a great war being waged in the heavens and upon the earth for their eternal soul. Humanity does not realize why they were even created by God in the first place! But there is a remnant in this generation that will have eyes to see and ears to hear… and will joyfully receive Jesus as the LAMB OF GOD who takes away the sins of the world while there is still time remaining. For when He returns He will not come forth as the LAMB but a LION OF THE TRIBE! He will come as our Avenger, Righteous Judge, Master, Lord, and Sovereign King, pouring forth His judgment, wrath, and indignation upon them who had rejected Him; for they believed not the TRUTH. 


This generation is about to witness God’s grass-roots visitation…A HOLY SPIRIT ERUPTION(!!!)…as the ANTI-CHRIST is about to take center-stage! The magnitude of this eruption will be of epic proportions that will reach deep into the hearts of men and change them radically. They will meet with God as even face to face, and they will see Him as He truly is. And His love, mercy, and peace will be upon them forever and ever. Amen.

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